2012 RULES (2013 Updates Coming Soon)

All competitors are encouraged to obtain an IKF Rule Book and keep it in your pits during the event



All of our workers are family, friends and volunteers who do their best to make your experience at our events as fun and entertaining as possible.  They are not there to take verbal abuse.  


Pit Passes

Every person in the designated pit area are required to purchase a pit pass and wear them on your wrist the entire  event.  No exceptions!  We have a free spectator area.  The teams will be held responsible to assure all of their family and friends have pit passes at the event.


Safety Gear

All drivers shall where IKF approved safety gear. Helmet, neck collar, long sleeve jacket, gloves, long pants, shoes.  Kid Kart and Cadet Drivers are also required to wear an approved chest protector.  Anyone without all of the required gear will be black flagged for the session or race.


Scooters, Bikes, Golf Carts, Skateboards, Etc...

If it's fun, leave it in the trailer.  You're welcome to bring rides for after the races, but when the kart engines start, the toys need to be put away.  Exceptions are made for disabled persons.



We don't have a lot of room at the facility.  We encourage everyone to limit the number of vehicles within the pit area.  Once the races have started, there are no vehicles allowed to enter the pit, unless guided an official.



When was the last time you saw a gokart at a dog show?  Leave your pets at home where it's cool and quiet.


Alcohol in the Pits

No open alcoholic beverages in the pit area during practice or racing.    There's plenty of time for that afterwards.



Remember that we are here for the kids.  Misconduct will not be tolerated.  If you have an issue, take it up with the race director when he is available.  Do not enter the track area to talk to an official.



Absolutely no fireworks in the fairgrounds.  On Fourth of July, the Grizzly's Stadium will have a great fireworks show. 


The Grid

Do not start engines on or around the starting grid unless your ready to go out on the track.  Tire warming or scrubbing is not allowed on the grid.  Warm your engines up in your designated pit area.


The Fairgrounds

The Fresno Fairgrounds have been gracious to permit the Kerman Kart Club to use their facilities to host our events.  Please respect their facilities, keep an eye on your children and stay within the track area.  All other areas of the fairgrounds are off limits unless invited to another event on the premises.



Regular practice will be conducted by time and class.  Some classes may be combined in order to provide as much time on the track as possible.  Here are some basic rules we will enforce on practice day:





Spec Fuel is VP MS98L with Burris Castor or Burris Blend oil mixed 8 ounces per gallon

(Choose one or the other and do not mix the two oils)



All competitors are required to purchase the track supplied pump gas.

This is the only fuel that will pass the two-stage test during the vents.



Spec Tire is Bridgestone YLC and YKC (Club Races Only)




Class Weight   Class Weight
Kid Kart Novice 150   Junior Briggs 206 310
Kid Kart 150   Senior Briggs 206 360
Rookie Comer 210   Senior Briggs 206 Heavy 400
Junior 1 225   Senior Super Sportsman Heavy 360
Rookie Sportsman 235   Senior Clone 360
Junior Super Sportsman 300      


Rookie Comer

Engine: Comer K80 (IKF)

Restrictor: Air Filter Cup Minimum .650 (RLV #PRD-8160 or TDC #TDC-533)

Weight: 210 lbs.

Chassis: Cadet Kart (Min. Wheel Base 35")

Driver Age: Attained Age of 7 - Competition Age of 10

 Competitors of proper age may compete in Rookie Comer and also in Kid Kart without restrictions

Kid Kart Competitors may not compete in Junior 1


Briggs 206 LO Changes for 2012

1. Air Filter not required.  If air filter is used, it must be Briggs & Stratton #555729.  No filter adapters allowed.


2. Shrouds & Covers:  Engine shroud may be painted any color.  Engine shroud, covers and control panel must be intact and not modified.  Any bolt except head bolts, used to secure sheet metal shrouds and covers may be replaced with a larger diameter bolt.  Stock kill switch must remain in stock location and wires must remain in place.  No taping or covering of the rewind shroud allowed.


3. Wrapping of the header with material to protect participants from heat is encouraged.  Wrapping of header from just above flange to the point where header falls below the top of the rocker cover is mandatory.  Muffler may not be wrapped or welded to the pipe.


4. Header must be RLV Model 5507.  Note: RLV 5506 allowed for 2012.


5. Silencer must be RLV B91 with round baffle holes only.  End baffle of silencer is teched per dimensions shown in Section 700.1.  Holes are .128" no go.






These rules describe the specifications of International Class engines. All parts must be factory production parts unless otherwise specified in the manual. No machining or alteration of parts is permitted unless specifically noted. All parts are subject to be compared to known stock parts. No reading in-between the lines. If it is not in the rules, it must remain stock. UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED ENGINE WILL BE TECHED AS RACED. Additional rules may be added as IKF move forward with this program.


Fuel:   Spec gasoline only.


CLUTCHES: Must be a shoe type clutch. Any stamped drum clutch allowed. No machined drums allowed.


FUEL TANK: Must be floor mounted.


CARBURETOR: Huayi types allowed. All Stock carburetor gaskets must be present. No other sealer allowed. Choke assembly must be functioning. Choke bore must be cast.


VENTURI: 0.615” No-Go.

BACK CARB BORE: 0.751” No-Go.

EMULSION TUBE:  Must remain stock. 0.66” No-Go.


Throttle Shaft: Minimum .115” diameter.

Butterfly: .037” Minimum thickness.


FUEL PUMP:  Any pulsed type fuel pump is allowed. Fuel pump must be pulsed from the valve cover or crankcase side cover. *Any other way to pulse must be approved by the IKF Tech Official for the race weekend.


AIR FILTER: Any air filter allowed.


AIR FILTER ADAPTOR: After market air filter adaptors are allowed.

      MAXIMUM LENGTH: 1.375”


ENGINE BLOCK: Block must remain stock.

  BORE: Maximum bore: 2.685”.

     STROKE: Stroke is 2.133” plus or minus 0.005”.

     No piston pop-out allowed.

     Matting surface finish of block and cylinder head is a non tech item, surfacing of both to correct

     gasket  failure and meet cc check allowed.


CYLINDER HEAD: No porting, grinding or modification.

    VALVE SEATS: Valve seats have two angles. Single 4° Bottom and Single 30° top.

    HEAD GASKET: Must be of stock configuration, two gaskets permitted to maintain minimum 26.5cc

           chamber volume.




VALVE TRAIN: Valve train will remain stock. No Polishing. No grinding. No Alterations.

       ROCKER ARMS: Stock 1:1 Ratio OEM rocker arms only.

      VALVE SPRINGS: Stock Valve Springs only. Maximum wire diameter is .0715”. Maximum spring  

          pressure is 10.8 lbs. at an installed height of 0.850”.

      VALVE SPRING PRE RACE TECH PROCEDURE: Note- a quick field check can be  performed

         as shown below using an inexpensive fish scale. Hook the scale under the rocker arm next to the push

         rod and lift until the valve opens and note the reading on the scale. If the springs appear to be  much

         over the 10.8 lbs @ .850” spec then the springs can be removed from the head for a proper check.


Valves: Stock Valves only.

     Intake Valve: Max OD .985” +/- .005”. Valve Stem seal on Intake valve only, maximum lip

       thickness .027”.

     Exhaust Valve: Max OD .948” +/- .005”. Lash cap on Exhaust valve only.

     Intake Retainer:  Minimum thickness .240”.

     Exhaust Retainer: Minimum thickness .260”.

     Lifters: Stock lifters only; no modifications allowed.


CONNECTING ROD: Stock Rod only; No modifications.


CRANKSHAFT: Stock Crankshaft only: no modifications.


PISTONS AND RINGS: Stock piston and rings only.


CAMSHAFT: Camshaft must be stock cores only, ez-spin assembly must remain as stock.

     Maximum running lift: on Exhaust is 0.242” taken on valve spring retainer with zero lash.

    Maximum/Minimum Exhaust lift: Maximum lift on cam .225” Minimum lift .215” taken at the 


    Maximum Running Intake Lift: on Intake is 0.238” taken on valve spring retainer with zero lash.

   Maximum/Minimum Intake lift: Maximum lift on cam .225” Minimum lift .215” taken at the pushrod.

   DURATION: Duration check for Intake and Exhaust lobes (taken off pushrod). Cam lobe base circle

   diameter .865" -.005”/+.010”. (All checks will allow +2 degrees for wear and gauge variances.)

   Exhaust duration of 222” degrees at .050” lift/97 degrees at .200” lift.

   Intake duration of 219 degrees at .050” lift/86 degrees at .200 lift”.


FLYWHEEL AND IGNITION: Fly wheel & Ignition must be stock.  No alterations. No machining. Plastic fins must remain stock.

      TIMING: Maximum ignition timing advance is 18 degrees BTDC when a straight  edge placed on the

      outside of the right-hand coil leg is just touching the right-hand edge of the metal magnet cover of

      flywheel. Flywheel key is non-tech.



HEADER: Must be single stage maximum 0.750 outside Diameter, 0.635 inside diameter measurement.

    Silencer: RLV Mini-B91 Part# 4117 overall length 5.470” +/- .005” minimum - 5.600” +/- .005

    Maximum. Threaded Nipple .690” maximum ID. Internal raised weld seam must be present. No grinding,

    reaming, or polishing allowed.

         Rear Baffle Holes .1285” Maximum.

         Inner Baffle Hole .0965 Maximum.


Muffler Support: Strap or brace required to silencer for support, and to insure silencer does not turn and unscrew.


STARTER: Pull starter must be present and remain stock. Pull starter may be rotated for a better cranking angle.


GOVERNOR: Governor and governor components are non-tech.







1. Only Stock Clone drivers will be allowed to make a claim on an engine.

      A. Drivers must have raced in that days main event.


2. Motors may be clamed for $200.00 cash only. Claim is for MOTOR ONLY, minus the clutch, chain guard, throttle kit, header pipe, muffler, air filter adapter, air filter, top plate & fuel pump. The claimer may state their intention to claim a motor at the scales no later then 10 minutes after the end of the Stock Clone main event.


3. All Stock Clone karts will be impounded for 10 minutes after the end of the main event this is the time that drivers have to claim a motor. No one can work on karts in impound area. 10 minutes after the finish of the Stock Clone race no one can claim a motor and post tech will begin.


4.Tech Director or head of scales will hold claim money until the claimed motor has been inspection. Motor must remain in impound and in the possession of tech officials until tech inspection has been performed.


5.Only the claimed and claimer have the option to be present at the time of inspection.


6. Multiple claims on a motor will be decided by lottery system. Owner, driver, or family member cannot claim his or her own motor.


7. If the claimed motor is found to be illegal, the motor must be completely torn down to check for additional illegalities. The tech director and host club will confiscate all illegal parts and related parts from the claimed engine.


8. Refusal of claim, destroying or withholding of parts, or any other lack of cooperation in this claim or inspection process will be interpreted as an admission that the motor is illegal and will be subject to an immediate disqualification and loss of all points for that day. Driver and owner are subject to all rules and claimer rules.


9. Any claim that is with drawn will be assessed a $75.00 fee that will be paid to host club.


10.Owner of the motor will retain the clutch, chain guard, throttle kit, header pipe, muffler, air filter adapter, air filter, top plate & fuel pump.


By signing this waiver, you acknowledge that you have read and understand the claiming rules and procedure for the Stock Clone class and agree to its terms and conditions. If driver is under the age of 18 years old, a parent or legal guardian must also sing the waiver.


Driver Name (print)_______________________________________ Kart #________


Owners Name (print)_______________________________________ Date_________


Parent or Legal  Guardian of minor ___________________________ Date________


Parent or Legal Guardian of minor Signature_______________________________


Driver Signature                                              Owner Signature


___________________________________      ________________________________